Letters and Lyricists


Had a great time doing a show with the family member Chris Foxworth. The whole process of bouncing ideas off of each other during the creation process has been one of the most memorable experiences of my art career. Sales wise the show was not even close to my most successful venture, but this was probably my favorite and most memorable show because of the time I had working on it. Thank you Chris! Big ups to Tree and Leaf for giving us a venue to do a show that honestly had a somewhat small audience. Also big up to my man DJ Moody for hooking up an incredible mix and blowing us away with the work he put into it. Anyways on with the music and the pics.





















DJ Moody with Clean Hands Mixtape Vol. 1!

Make sure and check out the homie DJ Moody’s new Clean Hands Mixtape Vol. 1 for the all new Clean Hands! Here is a link to listen and download.

This mix is a collaboration with the Clean Hands store out of Tulsa, OK. Located at 1315 E. 6th St., CH offers a variety of original and vintage apparel, artwork, graff supplies, records, and much more.

I began this mix with the mindstate that i wanted to showcase some new non-radio rap that some may not be familiar with. When I first started DJing in the late 90′s, my focus was strictly on golden era and indie rap records, so this is coming full circle so to speak. Nothing too fancy on the mix, I wanted the records to shine. Two 30 minute sides are split up old school mixtape style. The mix is also available on cassette and cd at the store. Enjoy and feel free to share!



Action Bronson ft. Evidence – Bitch I Deserve You

Jabee – Stephanie

Killer Mike – Ghetto Gospel

Show and AG – You In Trouble ft. DJ Premier

Murs and Fashawn – Stone Cold

Ras Kass – Judas ft. Planet Asia + Chace Infinite

Audio Two vs. Large Professor – Top Billin Barber Shop Chop (DJ Moody Blend)

House Shoes – Dirt ft. Greneberg (Oh No, Alchemist, + Roc Marciano)

Method Man, Freddie Gibbs, + Streetlife – Built For This

Large Professor – Focused Up ft. Cormega and Tragedy Khadafi

Fugees – Ready Or Not (Wood n Soo mix)


House Shoes – Sweet Noodles ft. Danny Brown

Common ft. J. Period – The Next Chapter (Still Love H.E.R.)

Natural Elements – doNE

Pacewon + Mr. Green – My God

Joey Bada$$ – Unorthodox

Sadat X ft. N.O.R.E. – The Location

DJ Nu-Mark – When You Sleep ft. Large Professor

Lumin – One More Day

Meyhem Lauren – The Laurenovich Angle (Fuck Pitchfork)

Wu Block ft. Inspectah Deck – Bust Shots

DJ Premier + Bumpy Knuckles – Fake

Cover for Les Izmore and D/WILL’s Heartfelt Anarchy album


A long time ago at the Recordbar I went to see the band Hearts of Darkness with Jessica. Hearts of Darkness are a pretty well known and very popular band that make music in the vein of Fela
Kuti…..Afrobeat rhythms played by a big band, like barely fit on the stage big, headed by three female vocalists and Les Izmore. Watching them perform was a great time. All the parts of the band really make it what it is. Most impressive to me was the lead man Les. Coming from a Hip Hop background, Izmore’s participation really showcased his versatility. Talking to him after the show I ended up volunteering to do an album cover for him for an upcoming project he called Heartfelt Anarchy. He sent me the first track, I listened to it, and began to work on this piece with the very simple idea of an explosion, but a “good” one, one that made the space it exploded into more full, kind of like the title he told me, Anarchy but with good intention, Heartfelt.
With time the piece evolved to me, as I was, and still am to a certain extent, thinking about the death of Jon Sims. I sometimes sit and think about him, his talent and his plight, his life and his death, and something always sticks with me…. Chris relayed a story about how before Jon died he was with his Dad, asking questions until the end. “What is going to happen, Where am going to go?” When I think of this I am full of hope that he experienced something transcendent as he passed on to wherever, something worthy to be called the end of his life, an actual event. So I began to imagine what I refer to as “a painter’s death’.

I’ve always imaginedsome sort of explosion of colors and forms with a central point that viewer is receding into, as if the forms and various colors are rushing past them, cloaking them in memories from the past that held by these colors and forms as sort of visual abbreviation to the most important experiences of their life. And that began a series of paintings I’m still working on now.
So anyways, recently the album was finished. And it is great, I saw him perform some of the tracks live at record bar recently and left impressed.

20130209-142125.jpg for the record though, I did NOT do the lettering. If you have a chance try and get a copy or check him on the interweb. Heartfeltanarchy.com