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Was getting tired of looking at the old theme. I was staring at my spraycan collection and got inspired to build a new theme. Pretty basic, just had to toy around with the css to have a split background so I could have a continuous label at the top.

Make sure and check out this upcoming show at DNA Galleries

How gangsters carry their beer

pressure gauges for the kegs

Getting smashed at streetfighter

José Guadalupe Posada at the Nelson Atkins

José Guadalupe Posada has influenced you. Whether you are conscious of it or not his figures have crept in to the public mind and thus yours. This point was illustrated through a display of contemporary objects displaying either a direct reference or, even more directly, one of his original figures.

Walking through the south side entrance of the Nelson Atkins Museum, just to the right in the hallway sits an exhibition unassuming but unparalleled in it’s significance. This is just the second bilingual exhibit in the museum’s rich history, the first being an altar I featured earlier made by Jessica and the Mattie Rhodes crew that was actually dedicated to Posada. This was made possible by the Mexican Consulate, the works are on loan from them and more of Posada’s work is or was hanging at the Mexican Consulate of Kansas City’s offices.

The works are small and detailed. A wide variety of works are shown. Some tell stories, others reflect Posada’s beginnings as a revolutionary newspaper comic artist. All are important.

Sorry for some of the pictures being less than desirable quality, it seemed like I might be doing something wrong taking pictures. Besides you should really just go. Between this exhibit and the recent “After Ghostcatching” video I was able to catch before it left, it’s easy to say that the Nelson has retained it’s timeless elegance post addition and has really got something in new museum director Julian Zugazagoitia. The guy has been on fire

If you live in Kansas City or ever visit, don’t pass up a chance to visit the Nelson ever again.

Jose Posada Wikipedia:é_Guadalupe_Posada













I have some pictures from the Nelson’s second floor I’ll post up soon. I forget quite often to visit the second floor since to new wing has opened. After last visit, I might just start going up to the second floor first…..