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Wiley Robertson Solo Exhibition East End Studio Gallery Friday, December 2nd, 2011 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

Via color
When we were young we looked upon everything with curiosity, and approached everything completely unaware of limitations. For some the cost of learning to be practical is paid for with ambition. For others, youthful energy never ceases, limits are never set, and we left to witness the resulting achievements of those who never quit looking at the world through young eyes.

Wiley Robertson is impractical, relentless, and will never grow up.

His youthful energy and limitless ambition seem to multiply as he gets older. Whether on the streets or in the studio, Robertson never stops, ignores all obstacles, and seems to make as much as he breathes, at times leaving one to question which of the two is keeping him alive.

Robertson uses stickers, free hand spray paint graffiti, stencils, marker tags, wheat pastes, hand painted 2 x 4’s, and at times combines multiple of the mediums to announce his existence wherever he goes. His imagery matches the diversity found in the mediums used. Wiley seamlessly navigates inspired sign painting, portraiture, pop cultural imagery, letter based graffiti, community inspired iconography, and more.

Robertson’s studio work is a vibrant collision of imagery from his various street interventions and will be on display Friday, December 2nd, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. at the East End Studio Gallery.

Pee Wee & OJ



Graffiti Forest

Signs for KCMO


Wiley Robertson Art Show

Going back to KC… and free music

About to hit the road for Kansas City, MO. Make sure and check out “Open For Business” on friday!
Some sneak peaks from the show…

All new screenprinted apparrel, limited run prints, and installations by Printosaurus AKA: Lauren Travers and Chris Foxworth

The Gig Posters of Justin Eagan…

and a bunch of new stuff from me…

And now for your listening pleasure…

“Bitter Beer Face” the last free track for the month of may from 8bit Cynics. Make sure and support these guys!
Download: Bitter Beer Face

A free Mix from Redman. Promoting the release of his upcoming album Redman has release a free mixtape.
Download: Redman “Funk From Hell”

The funeral processions of dead presidents, breakfast, and an art show preview…

It’s been a busy 2 weeks or so. Sorry to take so long to post.

But here it is…..

And man Wiley…. That David Choe post was great……

Here’s some random stuff that may influence my new work….

Lincoln’s funeral…

Rosson Crow’s painting, “Lincoln’s Funeral.”I really like her stuff as well idea

behind it. She paints historical places of wide variety….

Looking at her paintings led me back to this photographer through the wonders

of Google…. Matthew Brady. Great documentation of a time gone by.

Art functioning as historical documentation, both in the photographer’s work

and the contemporary painter.  I’m a fan.

Lest we forget, history can be gruesome. I think I may be more interested in depicting that,

personally. This is the Civil War.

I’m big on obscure sports figures too.

This is Bill Wambsganss, the only man

to turn an unassisted triple play in the

World Series.

After a hearty breakfast, I took a trip to Printosaurus..

I can’t remember when I went, but it wasn’t raining.

Big fan of the porch view from Printosaurus…

The place is nice, too. They have their lives and business completely integrated,

and are constantly at work.

A good art collection too..

I still love this one…

Hadn’t seen this guy for a bit…

Saw some work that’s being readied for June. This show is going to be really good.


Lauren of Printosaurus has some bad ass new stuff. You have to see it in person…

Chris has new work that does it for me too, and I can’t wait to see how they install this. I think they’ve

got some ideas… Good ones…

June 4th, 2631 Gallery, 2631 Holmes

Printosaurus, Jake Beeson, and Justin Eagan

“Open for Business”

It’s all coming together…


Well it is another Monday in May and here is another free track by 8bit Cynics…

Download 03 Prenupt

And mark your calenders for the 2631 Gallery’s June exhibition, “Open For Business!” It will showcase a variety of products, paintings, and posters that bridge the gap between fine art and commercial design. Printosaurus is a local silkscreening company founded by recent KCAI graduates Chris Foxworth and Lauren Travers. Their installations will feature fine art that has been influenced by the commercial practice associated with designing apparel and merchandise for their Printosaurus company. Handmade jewlery, posters, and t-shirts designed by Printosaurus will also be sold at the show. Jake Beeson’s paintings likewise display an association with design concepts and a definitive influence from contemporary commercial art, notably narrative based graphic arts. His newest work displays icons that have been the basis of graphic novels and marketing campaigns directly integrated with personal story lines. Justin Eagan will display posters that he has made for music shows that he helps organize. The posters, while directly advertisements, prominently use collage and drawing elements to display ambiguous narratives. While the posters operate outside of normal design standards, they become more than just a poster to remind you of a date. The dexterity of each of the involved artists visual abilities and identities will be prominently displayed at the event.