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Bar Progress, beginning to end

My friend had an idea to build an exercise room off of his detached garage, after much prodding from myself and other friends he decided to build a bar instead. He came up with the basic design and left the wood working in my hands to bring his visualization to life.

I did all of the finish work also. Walnut stain, with several coats of high gloss poly

The gents door was a craigslist find, with a little customization it added some great detail

Full bath, with a handmade showercurtain by my friends wife. He also made a custom curtain rod, tp holder, and towel holder out of steel pipes.

Legit set up

These steins hold 2 1/2 pints and can get you in trouble

I do not do alot of carpentry these days, but this job was a blast. The rewards speak for themselves also.