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Sorry for the lack of bloggage lately, been a bit busy. That being said I have managed to get most of the bugs out of the online shop that is on schedule to open at the first of the year.
Enough with the words here are some random photos…

Got this in the mail the other day, if you don’t know about tree and leaf make sure and check them out.

I wish I were half as talented as Brandon is at his age.

Screen Shot… Make sure and follow us on twitter for discount codes and such.

obedient doggies

more mail

enough said…or shown


Some nice spray painting in this video.

That video takes on a whole new meaning these days… Micah just turned 5 on Friday, here she is with some of her birthday gifts.

Tate is not quite as structured in his painting techniques

Free ART!!!!

That’s right, exactly what the title suggests… FREE ART. Every month I will be giving away an original piece of artwork here on IWishThatItRain.Com-absolutely no strings attached. You do not have to like me, follow me or even pay me. I am even covering shipping to the Contiguous United States. I would be happy to ship elsewhere, but would have to ask for some compensation. I am, after all, a working artist.

I want to promote the ownership of original artwork and give everyone who wants an opportunity to posses art of their own.

Simply send an email with your name and the words “Free Art” in the subject or message to yo@iwishthatitwouldrain.com. At the end of the month, there will be a random drawing. If your name is drawn, you win! I will then send you an email asking for details on how you would like to obtain your new piece of art!

For the month of October, I am offering up a 24″ wide by 42″ tall, spray paint on wood, portrait of one of my (and I am sure yours, too) all time favorite super heroes… Batman. The piece will come framed in a professional, all wood frame, ready to be mounted. Emails for this piece will be accepted up to 11:59pm CST on October 31st. I will draw the name and the winner will be announced within the next day.

This is open to anybody and everybody so tell your friends and post this link in your blogs, facebooks, twitters, whatever.

If you want to know more about whose art this is you can go to jakebeeson.com for more info about myself. Or just send me an email and ask: info@jakebeeson.com