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Rollin’ Deep Artshow

Wow. Rollin’ Deep was a pretty damn good artshow.
Great turnout. I estimate at least 300 people came through the doors. There was tons of great art. It really blew me away. Dylan Bradway, Jason Pawley and Tony Thunder’s stuff really stood out. Their new stuff is on fire.

Anyway, we painted a van. We painted 7 pieces (6 2’x4′ and 1 8’x8′) which sold via silent auction. It was really cool to see the crowd getting aggressive with the bidding. People were constantly out-bidding each other, especially at the last minute. It was also really cool to watch the pieces evolve over the night. They turned out a little too busy for my taste, but that’s what happens when you get 9 artists attacking stuff … plus it was just too fun to stop.

Well, here’s a nifty little slideshow. Enjoy!