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Random Telephone Photos

My phone died a strange death recently and just won’t open up. The touch screen seemed to quit working and it just forces close on what ever operation that I try to open. Make sure to email me your phone numbers at wilbertharrison@gmail.com. At least a started a Flickr account to upload photos to this time so I didn’t lose all those, just some. The Flickr upload may have been what finally killed the phone though now that I think about it.

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Winter: The Wolf at the Door

first, some Halloween
Jessica and her collaborators on the Nelson Atkins were honored during a super amazing reception. They made a community alter that honored José Guadalupe Posada, whose prints were exhibited on loan from the Mexican Consul. Pretty amazing event that I got to go to because Jessica is super badass.
I really thought that I had more pictures from Chris’ batchelor party evening, but the few I have really say it all. We just went and had some beers and laughs in Westport.

Des Moines



I recently went on a trip with my mother to Des Moines. This is where she was born, home to our extended family, that of her brother.


First stop by request was to my grandmothers old house specifically to see this tree. I used to climb this for hours when I was little. Half of it was missing. The house had changed as much as the tree; new deck, added garage, new neighbors suspicious of people taking photos….It was really crazy to drive my mom through a town she once called home and say things like,” That street used to be so big,” and, “That hill was just so steep back then.” I trust my mom’s opinion so much I naturally wonder when the ground shifted, but I know deep down that it didn’t. Seeing the tree put me near tears knowing that some things that used to be able to effortlessly hold you may crumble beneath you now.

My Uncle Jim. Favorite non-mom relative, hands down.

My mom in front of her old high school searching through the commemorative bricks for her name (she swears he bought one) saying things like, “no, he’s dead, i can’t believe it.”

So this is the downtown Des Moines sculpture park. Papa John’s Donated a lot of these. Pretty cool deal that is full of pieces that have gotta be superexpensive..
this is Keith haring

Richard Serra

Ellsworth Kelly

Sol Lewitt

Always forget


Willem De Kooning

Tony Cragg


Deborah Butterfield x2

About two blocks over was the gallery Art Dive, run and owned by one of Jessica’s best friends Chrissy Mullane. Chrissy was out, but i was able to talk to her on the phone via her mother Geri (just a guess on the spelling).

Chrissy has a main gallery space, this pictured side space for her work, a studio complete with giclee machine, another smaller space, storage and a bathroom. Pretty badass space in a still developing edge of downtown.



It was so cool to spend time with family that was eager to see things I was interested in. i got a business card someplace and plan on applying to the gallery for a show just as an excuse to do this again…



Occupy Des Moines






Old Painting from 2005? this had to be from about half way through sophomore year. Bad picture, but shows me doing flowers and using the same application process. I completely forgot about this little period.

My hair is headed this way

my uncle gave me some legendary rye whiskey for a future work. By far the best liquor I have ever had.

Which led to the inevitable fulfillment of my birthday prophecy…..eating multiple breakfasts shortly after midnight. They basically cut me off after like 6 eggs, two sides of hash browns, chicken wings, waffles, and more.
And then i went back to work….

I am thankful that I was able to spend the day before my birthday with my mom in Des Moines. Underneath quite possibly the largest sky I have ever seen, I learned infinitely more about what it means to be her son. I feel a connection with Des Moines after seeing my mother’s connection with it, after just seeing the people there and watching the way that they carry themselves, eavesdropping on what they talk about, by seeing the way the city is shaped now and getting glimpse into the potential they are trying to realize.
Since then I have been painting, a lot. Hopefully in my 27th year I can realize my potential.

Average Days by Average Folk

I bet you guys are watching the World Cup and thats why you haven’t posted.

I don’t blame you. It has been exciting. the U.S.A. squad is fun to watch.

So after I did this live painting i went to my neighbor’s open studio party.

It was pretty fun, and the work was impressive…

His name is Robert Josiah Bingaman. Nice guy, great painter….

http://www.robertjosiah.net/… check him out here…

Bud Light Truck detail. Bad Beer + Good Advertising = Billions

Might be losing it, might be gaining it….

Found these on ye’ old interweb. The VW Noah painted….


My favorite detail from this job..

Fireworks + America = Kris Kanaly is coming over soon!!!

but first this guy

i mean this guy, HENRY DAGGS…

a man that is always on point. Musican, Statesman, Friend, now Art Collector!

Ol’ Raccoon Eyes bought the Jake Beeson Batman painting… Good Investment in my opinion…

Next to the gallery some lady apparently thought it was fucking London.

Jessica reaction face

Henry stayed for one more song, and hit the road.

La Esquina shirt 2009. i draw, chris and lauren print/resize/computer workings…

Is this a repost? Did i ask that last time?

Trying to draw at work, thinking about doing a show myself in september…

henry and Pedro. Take your guests to bbq day… or get them to drive you and make them buy their own…

New painting progress shots… What do you think????

Shout out to jake on the superheroes creepin in…

Still painting.

When It rains, It pours

Before anything, check out this video. It’s a hand watercolored video.

Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been really busy. Here’s some pictures of stuff.

Whats good playboys?

This last show had a good turnout…. Here’s some additional photo’s

We certainly were open for business….

Obligatory crowd shots.

Been looking at alot of religious stuff… stole this from Revok’s Blog.

maybe a repost, but it’s still fucking raining.

John Wooden, the greatest coach ever, died recently. R.I.P.

Look close to see work by wiley, jake, tom, brandon, and another tom and jess piece

This is the Viva La Vida show at La Esquina gallery. Happened the same night, still up.

Here’s what I’ve been doing. KCK streetfest. Got to paint by Scribe. Big mistake. He paints fast, real fast. Like really really fast. And everybody and their mom wants to say hi. He gets straight up bothered. Real nice guy, though. He just rolls with it and smiles.

Look he’s done and everyone else isn’t even half thru.

This is what I called done.

and for what it’s worth, these we’re my best in show picks from June.

some of Jessica’s birthday presents…

After the show I got barbeque from a truck with no lights on.

and It was awesome.

The next day I did some live painting at a local restaurant.

And you know my luck….

It rained it’s ass off, I couldn’t use spraypaint inside, and nobody showed up because of the torrential downpour.

Stephanie Shelton painted the sky…

Thanks to Angela Luttrell and FARCU for the gig.

First time in I don’t know how long that I painted with only brushes.

It was nerve racking. I kinda hustled out of there. I really want to paint on it more….

I got more stuff but I am pretty busy. I’ll get back to you on Wednesday…