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At this point, what else could happen to Cleveland? Longtime graphic novel author Harvey Pekar, perhaps the world’s only true “realist”, has died. Pekar became known for the graphic novel he wrote “American Splendor,” which for a time was illustrated by the legendary R. Crumb. Pekar garnered a great deal of attention for his chronicle of his bout with lymphoma as well as his appearances on David Letterman. Pekar wrote stories based from his real and lifelong place of residence Cleveland, Ohio. He portrayed all of life to his viewers, giving them insight into what it was like to live in a midwestern city with industry, and consequently life, leaving it steadily. His loyalty to a sinking ship was admirable, his words and stories important, and life was not in vain. RIP

…they’re gone…

…shines for an instant next to seemingly infinite constants…

Explosions are fun though.

Learned how to cook a whole fucking chicken at once.