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Average Days by Average Folk

I bet you guys are watching the World Cup and thats why you haven’t posted.

I don’t blame you. It has been exciting. the U.S.A. squad is fun to watch.

So after I did this live painting i went to my neighbor’s open studio party.

It was pretty fun, and the work was impressive…

His name is Robert Josiah Bingaman. Nice guy, great painter….

http://www.robertjosiah.net/… check him out here…

Bud Light Truck detail. Bad Beer + Good Advertising = Billions

Might be losing it, might be gaining it….

Found these on ye’ old interweb. The VW Noah painted….


My favorite detail from this job..

Fireworks + America = Kris Kanaly is coming over soon!!!

but first this guy

i mean this guy, HENRY DAGGS…

a man that is always on point. Musican, Statesman, Friend, now Art Collector!

Ol’ Raccoon Eyes bought the Jake Beeson Batman painting… Good Investment in my opinion…

Next to the gallery some lady apparently thought it was fucking London.

Jessica reaction face

Henry stayed for one more song, and hit the road.

La Esquina shirt 2009. i draw, chris and lauren print/resize/computer workings…

Is this a repost? Did i ask that last time?

Trying to draw at work, thinking about doing a show myself in september…

henry and Pedro. Take your guests to bbq day… or get them to drive you and make them buy their own…

New painting progress shots… What do you think????

Shout out to jake on the superheroes creepin in…

Still painting.

Rollin’ Deep Artshow

Wow. Rollin’ Deep was a pretty damn good artshow.
Great turnout. I estimate at least 300 people came through the doors. There was tons of great art. It really blew me away. Dylan Bradway, Jason Pawley and Tony Thunder’s stuff really stood out. Their new stuff is on fire.

Anyway, we painted a van. We painted 7 pieces (6 2’x4′ and 1 8’x8′) which sold via silent auction. It was really cool to see the crowd getting aggressive with the bidding. People were constantly out-bidding each other, especially at the last minute. It was also really cool to watch the pieces evolve over the night. They turned out a little too busy for my taste, but that’s what happens when you get 9 artists attacking stuff … plus it was just too fun to stop.

Well, here’s a nifty little slideshow. Enjoy!