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Someday other people, who are cool, will like my work, and then you will like it too.

Been doing the normal rounds on the interwebs to get some inspirado.
First, you all should know that David Choe’s 10 year + documentary made by Harry Kim is currently availible online streaming someplace on the upperplayground site. i believe i was linked to it by the movies website. Google Dirty Hands or something.
Second, I stumbled upon a podcast by Stephen Powers on a website that had shutdown that i used to frequent. Search through the site at myloveforyou.typepad.com. Its probably down a bit or on the second page, but find it. Its a good listen. I love the part where he criticizes Banksy and says about him and his cohorts, “They never really had any ideas to begin with.”
That interview, reaffirming my sincere love for Espo, led me to search his name online and find out that we all missed the chance to see him show as close as St. Louis, which is a pretty damn cool city anyways. He did a show for White Flag Projects that was called, “The Church of the Open Tab.” It was a typically amazing idea by powers that highlights and remembers musical geniuses that died of the insanity and drug abuse typically found in conjuction with sheer artistic wonder.

Gotta love how he seems to be eager to use some spraypaint on the studio walls after the show had concluded. If you follow that flickr account back you will be disheartened at not only how the pieces seem to lack a color usage much different than that of one of his raincoats he made in years past, heavy yellows against black or visa versa are not my favorite, and the lack of crowd. No pictures of that exhibit show some kid in relative age and experience annoying the shit out of him after one to many Schlaflys. I wish I could have been that kid.

Just goes to show that even our heroes have a show that is more good idea than aesthetically pleasing as well as drastically underattended.
The blog wasnt working and I cant remember what else i was going to blog about, so i will be back with another post soon….

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courtesy of rhak. i would have never known. i thought the internet was the only graffiti magazine. besides, i quit.
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