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Beer Review and Commission Completion Celebration

So holy fucking shit I’m pretty much done with this commission I’ve been working on for about, I don’t know, 7 months. I got the whole thing sealed and all that’s left is connecting the top and bottom. Seems like a great time for a great beer. So what I’ll do here is review this beer like I do on super nerdy beer rating sites while flashing pictures of my piece. Jake, I know you got super excited there, but by piece i totally am referring to my art commission. Here we go….

Nebraska Brewing Company
Apricot Au Poivre Saison
Chardonnay Barrel Aged Saison with Apricot Purée and Black Pepper

So its worth mentioning first that this beer is so delicious and composed of so many variants that I drank half the motherfucker while just typing out all that explaination for yous. Out of a Boulevard smokestack tulip as pictured.
So with this beer I recommend kind of holding it upside down and letting the sediment seap into the top half of the brew. In this case that sediment seems to be the harbinger of delicious apricotness. So trust me, you want that all up in all of this shit.
Letting this guy foam up all rocky on the pour like every good Saison should be, aromas of funky, buttery, musty Chardonnay, some good wood (from the barrel jake, don’t get excited), the apricot is a best supporting actor here on some Scottie Pippen shit.
The beer is unfiltered golden orange, holding the apricot densely as I’ve gotten close to the end of the bottle cause my typing speed is no match for my drinking speed.

This beer just has that glow, kind of like a pregnant woman in the movies. Foamy honey.

The taste here is just magnificent. I immediately question how much better Hill Farmstead saisons truly could be as this beers intimate mix of funk, apricot, tropical fruit, and ever so slight barrel dryness just fill me up with some much happiness.

This beer is bright and full of pleasant apricot with good framing barrel and funk edges. Well played Nebraska Brewing Company, well played.

In this beer, while confessing to usage of pepper, the role played is hidden, offering only an additional hand to the yeast in insisting upon a dry finish. The Belgian yeast and pepper are barely recognizable separate from one another, but are both apparent on the dry back end of the palate here.

All in all, I probably like this beer so much cause it’s right in my wheelhouse. I like fruit beers that are week considered, I like barrel aged beers, and I like inventive saisons. Haters gonna hate, fruits saisons always highly rate. Ugh.


Tools of Criminal Mischief

I have been a fan of Roger Gastman for a long time, I loved the cover of “Enamalized” which had a small taste of his vintage can collection. Some of the cans in these prints are just ridiculously awesome.

The Tools of Criminal Mischief prints
The 3 Print Series feature vintage spraypaint cans at 24″ x 36″ and each print an edition of 250.
You can pick them up here at Graffsupply.com.